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Version Control Software How it works

April 03, 2016

Author: Andrew Storm

Version Control Software: How it works

A common workplace document management issue is managing many versions of the same document.

The version control problem can be significant resulting in issues including:

  • Losing work done on a version
  • Confusion as to what is the latest version of a document
  • Unknown if someone else is currently editing a document
  • Multiple versions of a document saved with incorrect file names

All of these issues create time delays. Staff need to confidently access the correct version of documents – instantly.

Ferret Software Ltd. has resolved the version control issue as well as many other document management issues within Ferret Document Management System.

Ferret Version Control Process

  • When opening a document (Word or Excel) you are prompted to Check it Out or Read Only.
  • If Checked Out you can edit it, and other staff can see it has been checked out and cannot edit it.
  • Once finished editing you Check it back In. All prior versions are saved and there is a detailed log of document changes, who edited it, who opened it and when.
Version control

Benefits of Version Control

  • Improved workplace collaboration - staff can work freely as only one person can edit a document at a time
  • Storing and opening the latest or past document version with certainty
  • Improved understanding of the documents history i.e. past history, who edited it/ when
  • Document backup/ security

If you are interested in improving the way you manage documents and emails including document version control then please contact the team at Ferret Software Ltd. for a no obligation demonstration.

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