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Technology One Evolve 2014 Conference

February 28, 2014

Author: Andrew Storm

Technology One Evolve 2014 Conference

Ferret Software thanks all of our customers who stopped by at our booth during the Evolve Conference where we were promoting ScanWatcher and ETU.

We were overwhelmed by the very positive response we received, which included the following reference provided by Tony Attwood of Forestry Tasmania http://www.ferretsoftware.co.nz/blog/forestry-tasmania-reduces-costs-with-scanwatcher/ .

The interest in ETU for processing electronic PDF invoices was very significant. ETU will ultimately take over the processing of the majority of invoices as more suppliers send invoices via email. ScanWatcher and ETU work in tandem and ScanWatcher will continue to be used so long as there are paper invoices.

ScanWatcher for Technology One Users

Many Technology One customers use ScanWatcher specifically for scanning paper AP invoices. It can be used in conjunction with Auto Invoice Matching in Tech One Financials to fully automate the process of matching incoming invoices to purchase orders.

ScanWatcher enables Tech One Financial users and auditors to access an invoice image in seconds. Image files are easily backed up, protecting your information and eliminating issues and downtime caused by missing paper files. A document reference can be added to your data entry screen in seconds, and ScanWatcher’s excellent document workflow ensures no double handling or complicated processes.

ETU for Technology One Users

ETU Software is used for extracting data from emailed electronic PDF Invoices

ETU will automate the data entry for invoices received electronically via e-mail. ETU will extract the source data and convert into a csv file that can then be imported into Tech One Financials. It will also save the PDF Invoice or PO electronic document into the same directory as ScanWatcher and you will be able to open these from within Financials.

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