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Staff member Andrew Storm discusses his Outlook email filing habits on his 4 year Ferret anniversary

October 13, 2015

Author: Andrew Storm

Ferret staff member Andrew Storm is currently celebrating his four year work anniversary. Andrew is based in Auckland and is responsible for the consulting, design, implementation and training of business process automation, document management and accounts payable solutions.

On the day of Andrews 4th Anniversary Andrew had the following to say about what he has learnt about filing emails from Outlook:

“Since starting at Ferret I have sent and received 62,895 emails and thanks to our Ferret Document Management System, my inbox is still empty.

When I open Ferret Document management I can see every bit of communication I and anyone from my team has ever had with my client.

Ferret allows me to search not only my 62 000 emails but the rest of the hundreds of thousands of emails my colleagues have filed against our client and project records.

I cannot imagine using Outlook without Ferret. I would go insane if my inbox was not empty and the emails were not filed into the client record. It is confusing and unproductive to have an inbox with thousands of emails; I don’t know how people do it?”

Andrew storm

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