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ScanWatcher User Survey Results – Reasons to view an AP Invoice

July 04, 2012

Author: Andrew Storm

ScanWatcher User Survey Results – Reasons to view an AP Invoice

The following are the results of a survey conducted with some of our ScanWatcher customers throughout New Zealand, Australia, SE Asia and Europe.

Reasons to view an Accounts Payable invoice

  • Managers can access invoices straight from the finance system’s enquiry screens.
  • Routing electronically for approval and coding.
  • Internal and External Audit can access invoices without having to visit the sites.
  • Invoices can be easily retrieved and sent to Government funding bodies upon request.
  • Supplier queries can be answered easily by anyone who has access to AP enquiries.
  • Ensure that correct account has been debited as original coding is written on the invoice (our AP goes to bureau who does the data entry and they can mis-enter what was written on the invoice).
  • Copy of the invoice needed to return goods.
  • Find supplier’s contact details like phone number as we want to get in touch with them again.
  • Want to reorder from the same supplier and need to know product code(s).
  • Prove invoice has been paid by checking invoice number etc when supplier questions payment.
  • Check date invoice was received as it is stamped on the invoice.
  • Check payment terms on invoice.
  • Check GST compliance of invoice if questioned.
  • Check subsequent invoices don’t include items already paid for.
  • Auditors wanting to check transactions.
  • To verify it is from the right supplier.
  • To verify it is for right amount for right goods (like the details of items purchased, GST amount, discounts etc.).
  • To verify that the invoice is addressed to the right person.
  • We need to have this image as Finance cannot assume the correct goods/service are received at the staff end.

Link the scanned image of your Accounts Payable Invoices directly into your Accounting System using ScanWatcher. Please contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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