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Reasons to use ERP System - SAP Business One

November 30, 2015

Author: Andrew Storm

Reasons to use ERP System - SAP Business One

Ferret Software has teamed up with Christchurch based Business Evolution Group to provide SAP Business One users with Accounts Payable automation technologies.

Reasons to choose SAP Business One

  • Complete small-business essentials in a single system - The SAP® Business One application seamlessly integrates the entire business across financials, sales, customer relationships, and operations in one system, eliminating duplicate entries and errors.
  • Functionality that helps you keep your customers close - Small businesses like yours can rely on SAP Business One to quickly track and access all customer contacts, records, and history to respond to customer needs faster and better than the competition.
  • Access to instant information for immediate action - SAP Business One keeps all business information in one place for instant access and drill down, enabling you to respond quickly to changing business needs.
  • Application designed specifically for small businesses - Designed from the ground up, SAP Business One is an affordable, awarding-winning product that is quick to install, easy to use, and simple to maintain.

To read more about SAP Business One and Business Evolution Group– Click here

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