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Pegasus with Ferret Accounts Payable Automation Overview

November 24, 2022

Author: Nick Stuart

Ferret Software Ltd. provides Pegasus Systems clients with an integration between Ferret Accounts Payable Approvals and Coding Tool (FACT) and Pegasus.


  1. Invoices arriving at a specified mailbox (email address) are imported automatically into the Ferret Accounts Payable Approvals and Coding Tool (FACT)
  2. Supporting documentation such as packing slips or contracts can be linked directly to each invoice to aid with approval
  3. FACT Displays all invoices received with their approval status
  4. Accounts Staff GL code line items using the GL codes from Pegasus. This includes splitting line items between multiple GL codes if needed.
  5. Invoices are assigned to approvers using Delegation of Authority Rules (DOA) set up to suit your approvals
  6. Approvers see only invoices assigned to them and can approve electronically
  7. Export approved invoice data directly into Pegasus
  8. Statement Reconciliation, Payment Run, and bank integration
  9. Includes Ferret Web Information and Document Management System which can be used for other areas of the business.


  • Reduce the time spent processing invoices by 50%
  • Drop mundane manual data entry of invoices
  • End time spent managing paper-based approvals and filing system
  • Speed up approvals with a simple electronic approvals process

Pegasus Systems is a fully integrated management and accounting software solution for advertising and media agencies. Their SaaS solution and services include real-time Agency Probability Tracking, Job Management, Media Campaign Management and more.

Contact information We appreciate your Accounts Payable process may be unique and work with you to understand your specific needs and tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

If you are interested in a no-obligation demonstration, please contact the team at Ferret Software at info@ferretsoftware.co.nz

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