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List of Ways Ferret Software is being Used

July 04, 2017

Author: Andrew Storm

List of Ways Ferret Software is being Used

Ferret Software Ltd. offer a range of Document Management and Accounts Payable Automation solutions.

Please find below the current list of things we do for clients with links to additional information.

Accounts Payable Automation

  • Custom Integration with many Financial Systems - Ferret has an Integrations team
  • Invoice Approvals and Coding - Video
  • Invoice Data Extraction - Video
  • Paper Invoice Bulk Scanning - Video
  • Payment Batch processing automation

Document Management

  • Client AND Sales Management – CRM Whitepaper (Why is your CRM so hard to use?)
  • Document Management System - Video
  • Data Extraction from Digital PDF Sales or Purchase ORDERS
  • Disputes Resolution or Complaints Management - Whitepaper
  • Document Collaboration via version control – How it Works
  • Export Shipping Documentation – Video – User Story at Tenon
  • Email Filing from Outlook – How it works
  • Email Archiving – Automatic archiving of emails from Outlook
  • Freight Documentation – Customs and Excise Act 1996
  • Insurance Client, Policy and Claim Management
  • Custom Integration with many systems – Ferret has an Integrations team
  • Job Management – Including job and task process automation triggers
  • Legal Matter Management
  • Paper Bulk Scanning Automation
  • Phone system integration – auto indexing and filing recorded phone calls
  • Project Management
  • Property Management
  • Quality/ Process Control Documents for Manufacturers
  • Reporting – customized email reporting to suit business requirements
  • Research Collaboration – Fish and Game Case Study
  • Staff Management/ HR
  • Task Management
  • Telephone Recordings Storage for Legal Protection - Whitepaper
  • Timesheet Storage – HHL Case Study
  • Web Portals for client access to information and documentation

If you would like more information or a no obligation demo of how Ferret can work for your business, please contact us or phone 0800 FERRET.

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