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Insurance Brokers Unleash Productivity Gains with Ferret Web

May 14, 2020

Author: Nicholas Stuart

Details on Ferret Web

Over the past several years Ferret Software has developed the Ferret Web Information & Document Management System. Many of our over 100 New Zealand Insurance Brokerages that use Ferret have now migrated to Ferret Web from the desktop / server version.

Ferret Web - Features

  • One system for all client, policy, claim and contact information, documents and emails.
  • Integrates with your brokerage software (eGlobal, CBS, Insight, Pure Broking and others)
  • Email Filing - File emails and attachments directly from Outlook-search, sort and filter emails.
  • Web based access – no server requirement, use from any device from anywhere
  • Tailored workflow – New Business Electronic Checklists, Renewal Checklists – Easily modify your electronic processes

Please find below 3 screenshots of Ferret Web

  1. Ferret Web Client Screen – Open, preview, search and find all documents and emails relating to your client, policy or claim on one screen

  2. Sample of a tailored new business electronic checklist – Includes email notifications on due dates to ensure tasks are completed on time

  3. Outlook Integration – Button in Outlook files directly to Ferret Web. ‘Remembers’ the client, policy or claim.

Ferret Web - Benefits

  • One source of Truth- All staff kept up-to-date in real time with latest information from one system
  • Improved customer service- When a client calls have all the information available within seconds to respond to their inquiry
  • Peace of Mind- World class security using Microsoft Azure
  • Reduce time and save money– Staff eliminate time spent managing documents and information
  • Improved processes– electronic process automation ensure you don’t miss key dates or tasks
  • Visibility -Know the complete history and status of any client, policy or claim in seconds.
  • Compliance –enforce staff to follow procedures through automated remainders and electronic processes.
  • Other uses -maximise your Ferret investment and use it in other areas of your business at no additional cost such as a CRM, Loans, Finance and HR.

Ferret Software have been leaders in document management for the Insurance Industry since 2001. We are 100% NZ Owned, with all our software designed, developed, sold and supported in New Zealand.

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