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IHL automate their Claim and Renewal workflows with Ferret Web TMS

September 21, 2020

Author: Andrew Storm

β€œTo whom it may concern

I have had the privilege of working with a team Ferret in NZ - point of contact Mr. Kevin Saravanan , in developing our Task management system for Claims and Broker renewal process. Having gone through the project phases till fruition , and to see ferret tool at work is phenomenal , I can serve customers on the move, in a restaurant or at a bus terminal just by having my mobile phone with Ferret loaded and the many other features that help in our digital footprints.

I would like to show my appreciation and a BIG Thank you very much to Kevin and the Ferret development team for their patience in putting up with all the questions relevant and non-relevant , you guys are very accommodating , effective and efficient in trying to have our business solutions working for us, An awesome professional and easy to work with outfit.””

Donald Mitchell

Claims Manager Veritas Pte Ltd
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