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How does Ferret Software improve your bottom line?

June 13, 2012

Author: Andrew Storm

How does Ferret Software improve your bottom line?

Ferret Software spoke to Hurford Parker Insurance in Hastings about how implementing Ferret Document Management System improved their bottom-line. They initially purchased Ferret to improve their overall system and processes and to improve the delivery of insurance broking services to clients but in a addition to this they were very impressed with the savings they achieved.

These bottom line savings included:

  • Reduction in time spent filing documents, based on staff salary
  • Reduction in paper and printing costs
  • Reduction in time spent organizing documents, now have a structured and protected document filing system
  • Overall system and way they did business improved, improving customer service

Ferret Software works with each client to ensure Ferret is set-up in the way best suited to their business, ensuring significant savings are achieved and a much improved service for clients. Furthermore Ferret met their requirements under the companies’ business continuity plan by storing documents electronically.

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