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Forestry Tasmania reduces costs with ScanWatcher

February 20, 2014

Author: Andrew Storm

Forestry Tasmania reduces costs with ScanWatcher

“Hi Phil,

I just wanted to tell you how beneficial SCANWATCHER has proved to our organisation. We’ve been using SCANWATCHER for a few years now and the benefits have been enormous both to our business users and our internal and external auditors. All the information they require supporting a transaction is at their finger tips, no more having to wade through batches to find the information required.

An added bonus is we save on storage costs, no more having to keep paper copies for tax purposes, this can be a significant cost saving over time. It has certainly made internal and external audits so much easier and means I don’t have staff tied up chasing batches. I highly recommend this product to any business looking for a low cost solution that returns a major benefit to the organisation.

Thank you”

Tony Attwood Chief Finance Manager Finance Forestry Tasmania
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