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Folders VS Ferret

August 04, 2014

Author: Andrew Storm


On the right is a screenshot of a company that uses fragmented folders to organize their jobs.

When users open the job folder they can not see all of the documents and therefore must dig through each folder to find the documents they need.

Ferret Document Management System

Below is a screenshot of that same company using Ferret instead of Folders to View ALL Documents and Correspondence (emails, quotes, drawings etc.) relating to the Job from ONE screen

Folders VS Ferret
  • Immediately see all the files you have relating to your job - The Folder view does not show you what files you have without drilling down to them one by one individually
  • Instantly see the most recent activity - Very important for project management or job based companies. The most recently added file/email can be hidden behind a few folders and easily be completely missed by everyone else on the team
  • Identify who added which file - The folder view can show something similar but fragmented by folders. The Ferret “added by” column shows you a timeline of who did what
  • Notes Field - All the file notes are electronic and easily visible on the same screen
  • Related Tasks/ Records - A simple task manager that shows you what tasks you have relating to this job, who has completed what and what is still outstanding on this job
  • Index your job with customisable fields - Easily report on these fields – i.e. searching all open jobs within category “X”
  • Version Control - Simplified document collaboration with easy to use version control
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