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Ferret User Tips and Tricks

December 06, 2013

Author: Andrew Storm

Ferret User Tips and Tricks

We have noticed that many Ferret users are unaware of many of the cool features of Ferret. Reading the User Manual is not very popular smile. So what we are going to do is to send out a monthly Ferret Tips and Tricks email, together with Ferret news and events. We will keep it brief and to the point with the primary focus of helping people learn to use Ferret more efficiently. This will also be an avenue for user feedback on suggested improvements which we would love to receive so we can keep making it better and better.

We have recently contacted all customers asking if they would like to receive this monthly email. If for some reason your company is yet to contact us with e-mail addresses to add the Tips and Tricks email database, then please do so by contacting either your local sales representative or by emailing support@ferretsoftware.co.nz.

Our first issue will go out in late January 2014, so we look forward to hearing from you.

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