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Ferret Strategic Planning Day Photo’s

June 30, 2016

Author: Andrew Storm

Ferret Strategic Planning Day Photo’s

All staff of Ferret Software gathered at their Hamilton, New Zealand offices on Monday 27th June, 2016 for a Strategic Planning Day.

Everyone contributed on the vision and future direction of the company, with a great sense of team spirit and lots of fun during the day.

Ferret has continued year after year growth in New Zealand and abroad and now has 14 full time employees. The outlook for Ferret is very positive as their brand, reputation, product range and customer satisfaction continues to grow while their internal management, support and product development team continually strengthens.

Two new staff members have been added recently:

  • Pete North – Newly appointed General Manager - Pete has 20+ years’ experience in construction industry management, most recently as CEO of the not-for-profit Habitat for Humanity NZ.
  • Clynne Swartz – Joins us from South Africa as a Programmer. Clynne has been computer programming since he was a young man and now has many years business programming experience.

Ferret would also like to congratulate Sabia Saini from the Customer Support Team who has recently become a NZ Resident (A Kiwi).

Here are a few action shots from the day.

Phil North (Owner of Ferret) presents on Strengths and Weaknesses (SWOT)

Phil North

Andrew Storm presents on Macro Environmental factors effecting Ferret (PESTEL)

Andrew Storm

Nick Stuart presents on our Major Goals

Nick Stuart

Pete North summarizes our findings for the day

Pete North

Chelsea Dredge winning 1st place overall for activities during the day

Chelsea Dredge

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