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Ferret End of Year Staff Photo’s

November 06, 2015

Author: Andrew Storm

Ferret Software recently had their end of year staff function on Lake Taupo. They enjoyed a perfectly sunny and windless day on the lake which included catching a number of trout and shooting skeet.

The team at Ferret continues to grow with new development and support staff added in 2015. Ferret currently has more than 550 clients, thousands of users and has securely processed millions of documents and emails.

The Document Management and Accounts Payable Invoice automation specialists at Ferret focus on improving the way companies file, retrieve and process documents - saving them countless hours of time and avoiding compliance issues.

Ferret Staff

Ferret staff

From Left to Right: Bronson Dredge, Gareth Ambrose, Nick Stuart, Andrew Storm, Sabia Saini, Aaron Martin, Phil North, Malita Subramaniam, Tony Hao, Chelsea Dredge. Missing: Evgeny Rubarch.

Ferret Staff and their partners/ families

Ferret family

The team at Ferret would like to thank all of their customers and technology partners, and wish them a happy new year.

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