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Data Governance is a Manager’s Responsibility

August 31, 2014

Author: Andrew Storm

Data Governance is a Manager’s Responsibility

An IT mindset has dominated the way organizations view and manage their data, even as issues of quality and consistency raise their ugly head. One reason for this is that the “Manager” does not want to be involved on an on-going basis.

Forrester research has shown that less than 15% of organizations have business lead data governance that is linked to business initiatives, objectives and outcomes.

This is changing as more and more companies implement document and information management systems such as Ferret Software.

For the full article from Forrester Research, click here.

How does Ferret Software enable Managers to better govern data?

  • Ferret is a structured document management system that is set up by Management to suit their existing business processes and objectives.
  • User permission rights set by management – users cannot accidently or maliciously delete a record (i.e. client, job) or an email/document.
  • Secure peace of mind – Full audit trail of record, document or notes changes, complete backup for Business Continuity protection.
  • Improved visibility – Managers can get the full picture of the situation quickly as ALL documents, correspondence and information relating to the record is in ONE place on ONE screen.
  • If a staff member leaves - all of their documents and emails are correctly stored, so you can quickly start where they left off.

Prior to installing, a Manager will collaborate with the Document Management experts at Ferret to setup the system to suit their existing processes and objectives. They can then roll it out to staff along with process procedures.

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