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Content search – how it changes the way you work

March 27, 2015

Author: Andrew Storm

‘Content Search’ or ‘Search on Content’ means you can search for content within MS Office documents, emails and pdf’s.

If you use Ferret Document Management System ‘content search’ means you can search through thousands of documents and emails in an instant, and ALL documents and emails containing the words you search for appear in the Ferret Document Table – Ready to open, review, edit and respond.

Here is an example of ‘Content Search’ at work

  • Example: A customer of an Insurance company calls in, but the insurance agent is not sure what name his client file is under. The agent instead does a ‘content search’ on his licence plate number.
  • Content Search: “CDJ508”
  • Result: Ferret shows two documents have that number within them (see below). Content Search has found ALL MS Office documents, emails and PDF’s (text searchable PDF’s) containing the keyword “CDJ508” and displayed those documents\emails.
Ferret shows two documents

The Insurance Company now open the word document which is the customers policy.

Instantly find what you are looking for

Benefits – Instantly find what you are looking for, answer customer inquiry immediately, find ALL relevant documents relating to the license plate number.

Legal Firm Example

Example – A lawyer working on a case wants to find ALL documents and correspondence relating to precedence Burnet v. Coronado Oil & Gas Co., 285 U.S. 393, 52 S. Ct. 443, 76 L. Ed. 815 [1932]).

Content Search: Burnet v. Coronado Oil & Gas Co

Result: All documents and correspondence used at the legal firm that have previously referenced this this Precedence

Benefit: Find ALL documents and emails relating to your precedence meaning you Save valuable time looking for relevant documents and preparing for your case.

Ferret Document Management System

Ferret Document Management System provide many industries with a Document Management System for storing and retrieving ALL documents and Emails relating to their records in ONE place and on ONE screen. With Search features such as Content Search companies are able to retrieve the information they need faster than ever before. Contact us for a more detailed demonstration

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