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Avoiding “Death by email” - Huron Legal

June 27, 2013

Author: Andrew Storm

Avoiding “Death by email” - Huron Legal

In this article the Managing Director of Huron Legal discusses email management within Law firms. He highlights the problems attorneys face when relying on their inboxes and identifies the email management features to look for in a Document Management System.

To listen to the 7 minute podcast interview – Click here

Ferret Document Management System provides the following email management features that are consistent with the articles recommendations:

Simple and easy way to file emails directly from Outlook

Ferret is integrated with MS Outlook, and with a few mouse clicks you save emails and attachments to any client or matter record in Ferret. You can index and categorise them any way you wish directly in Outlook. There is an extra “Ferreted” column in the Inbox that confirms an email has or has not been saved. Inbox is kept empty.

Emails saved in native MSG format

This means that when you open an email saved in Ferret it opens up in Outlook, allowing you to Reply or Forward it. Any attachments are still there. Ferret can save attachments as separate files.

Others must be able to see who filed what & where

Emails filed in Ferret against a client or matter show who saved it, plus all the details of the email such as email date, subject, To, From, as well as any free text Description.

One central filing system for everyone

All emails, attachments, electronic documents of any format, and scanned paper are all kept in the one place against the client or matter. Fully indexed and shared with everyone with authorised access to Ferret.

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