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90 Second Explainer Video - Ferret Approval & Coding Tool (FACT)

June 13, 2017

Author: Andrew Storm

This 90 second explainer video demonstrates how simple it is to increase efficiency in your accounts payable team and start saving valuable time.

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Do you have a problem getting invoices Approved and processed into your financials in timely manner?

There is a better way with Ferret Approval & Coding Tool (FACT).

The FACT process is very simple:

  • Receive a PDF Invoice by email and Drag and Drop into a shortcut folder
  • The invoice data is extracted, and together with the invoice document, loaded into FACT
  • Invoices are assigned to an approver who receives an email notification
  • Approver then logs in and codes, receipts, views supporting documents such as receipts then approves the invoice
  • Approved Invoices are then exported to your financial system
90 Second Explainer Video - Ferret Approval & Coding Tool (FACT)

The Benefits include:

  • No more printing and sending paper
  • Approver notified immediately
  • Approval done in minutes
  • See who has what invoices – no missing invoices
  • Automate data entry
  • Get data into financials quickly
  • Remove bottle neck and pay suppliers on time
  • Quickly retrieve invoices on demand

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